Introduction to Chen Yi Paper Container Co. Ltd.

Chen Yi Paper Container Co. Ltd. was founded on June 14, 1958. The company converted corrugated boards and boxes and printed full-colored paper packaging materials. For 63 years, Cheng Yi has been adhering to the business philosophy of "sustainable operation and innovation" and is committed to providing innovative and high-quality products to help create maximum value for customers and their products.
Our factories have both food grade and non-food grade paper printing and processing equipment. We are proud of our strict production standards by following the BRC system. Responsible for raw material procurement policy and adherence to our employees' work safety, welfare, and social ethics responsibilities (SWA system certification). These standards made us more truly the best partner for safe packaging in the food industry.

We work hard for the Environment

Green sustainable energy is a World trend today.
Our Yong'an plant is equipped with solar generating power
with a total capacity of 7468 kilowatts,
which produce 9,949,243 kilowatts per hour of electricity annually.

It reduces energy costs and emissions of 5,064 tons of CO²,
equivalent to 512 hectares of reforestation or 2839 households' electricity consumption.
It is an extension of our business philosophy and our commitment to the community.


Chen Yi Paper upholds its belief to protect Mother Earth and her environment.
To do that, we continuously seek and adopt environmentally green products like
using food-grade inks and paper without plastic coatings in manufacturing.
To prevent pollution, we design and set up advanced pollution prevention and
control equipment to recycle water and waste. To add value to our sustainable
efforts, we take pride in designing packaging that uses less raw materials and resources.

Another philosophical business extension of Chen Yi,
"Be simple, beautiful, and natural for peace of mind,"
is applied to our product development and design.
Besides these, we are also mindful of selecting and using raw materials
such as low polluting "food grade ink," raw materials, and recyclable coated paper to
safely produce and convert all our Brand owners' food packaging.
We want to give our Brand owners and their customers' confidence to
know that we produce and covert 100% recyclable food packaging.
It is our way to account for our social responsibility
towards a friendly green planet.

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