Awarded ISO 45001 certification.
Obtained this Occupational Safety and Health Management Certi_cation.
Opening ceremony of Yong 'an Plant.
Obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification and ISO 14001:2015 certification.
Relocated to the Yong' an plant (Yong 'an district, Kaoshiung) and celebrated 60th anniversary of CHEN YI PAPER Corp.
We were celebrating Chen Yi’s 60th birthday and pre-Yong An Plant’s Opening. This 25 hectares Yong An Plant ushered a new automated era in our sustainable operations.
Purchasing equipment Asitrade
Able to convert 'roll-to-roll' and 'roll-to-sheet' corrugated boards instantly, thus reducing the bonding process time and wastage of a 2-ply corrugated board with printed paper.
Purchasing BHS
Obtained BRC certification, ISO 9001:2008 certification,and ISO 14001:2004 certification.
Purchasing BHS
Purchasing KBA Rapida 164 printing equipment
Purchasing KBA Rapida 164 printing equipment, it is the most extensive print converter in Taiwan.
Yong'an plant started to build
Obtained FSC certification
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification.
This is a responsible environmental procurement certification.
It is a policy to make good use of the earth's resources,
and to form a sustainable effort to ensure resource continuity.
Established Ningbo Chenyi Paper Co., Ltd. in China
At the start of the Millennium, as China's economy began to take off,
we set up our presence in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, to support
our customers' requests. Ningbo Chen Yi Paper Co., Ltd. was established.
This factory occupies an operational area of 43400 m2 to produce
food-grade paper packaging products.
Set up a production line for food container
Responding to Taiwan's fast-food culture's prosperity,
Chen Yi added another food-grade converting production line
to meet the demands of all its leading fast food and beverage
Brand owners throughout Taiwan.
Invested in a full color printing line to cater for a booming need to have color packaging in Taiwan.
As Taiwan's living standards improve, there was a demand for
better-produced product packaging in color.
To cater to the trend, Chen Yi opened a Decorative
Product Production Line to meet that demand.
Relocated to Renwu plant
In order to provide a faster and more complete service, we consolidated the whole equipment and set up in Renwu plant. Mainly producing corrugated paper, corrugated carton and heavy packaging.
Gushan paper plant was established
In the 1960s, Taiwan's economy began to rise.
Many processing and export zones were set up, with an increased demands
for industrial corrugated cartons. Chen Yi responded to these customers’
demand, and added Gu Shan Paper Container Co. Ltd.
CHEN YI PAPER Corp. was established
CHEN YI PAPER Corp. was established in 1958. Start from typography printing.
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